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Rover IV Americana

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Rover IV is our take on sleek medium wallet design. It features 8 card slots and 2 quick-access slots.

The sleek exterior is actually made with an extra details. Just peek on the dual layer leather accent and a “V” stitched on the centre part of the exterior. It will look sleek and still have that distinct look while paired with your favorite denim.

*with every purchase of a ROVER IV AMERICANA, a SOLID LEATHER CHAIN is included.

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Materials & Design

Material Description:
American natural vegetable tanned cowhide
Natural artificial sinew thread
Nylon thread
Durkopp Adler Machine-stitched
Burnished edge

Medium-Long bifold
Eight (8) V-Cut signature card slots
Two (2) Quick-Access slots
Two (2) money slots
VOYEJ logo debossed on the interior

3.3" Width x 6.6" Length x 15 mm thickness when folded

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