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Atlas Bag - Chromexcel


This ATLAS bag was made from HORWEEN Chromexcel. Chromexcel is the recipes that HORWEEN founded from almost a century ago. Generally, HORWEEN Chromexcel yield soft, supple, and durable leather, while still able to develop patina as well.

ATLAS can be defined as a bound collection of maps and also as a term to represent a supporting function.
Turning definition into product is not an easy task. We want to truly deliver what ATLAS means by creating a bag that suits you as your journey companion. The bag is able to hold your daily essentials such as gadgets –smartphone and tablet-, notebooks, stationery, and also keys. Each on its own compartment that will help make you stay organized even on your chaotic day.

The ATLAS bag has three wide compartments –two inside and one outside-, two exterior pockets, key holder, button stud leather closure, and adjustable shoulder strap. Combination of medium-weight locally sourced navy blue canvas, HORWEEN Chromexcel, and stainless steel hardware are used to create a classic yet modern bag that able to accompany you throughout the day. As you take ATLAS with you, it will become an evident proof of your journey that shown through the maturity of the leather and rugged canvas.

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Materials & Design

Material Description:
Medium-weight navy blue canvas
HORWEEN Chromexcel cowhide
Nylon thread
Machine stitched
Hand stitched natural artificial sinew thread
YKK Zipper
Stainless steel buckle, O-ring, and Square ring
Steel button stud
Adjustable double-layer canvas shoulder strap

Medium size sling bag
VOYEJ logo embossed on round shaped HORWEEN Chromexcel
Steel button stud with adjustable buckle fastener
2 (two) interior compartments –one with zipper closure-
1 (one) exterior compartment –with VOYEJ symbol moulded on concho snap closure-
2 (two) exterior pockets
1 (one) interior pocket
Pen holster
Key holder

13" Width x 9.0" Height x 3.7"Depth