Mon, 28 May 2018

Agora by Superlative of Voyej and Antea Tigra

Indonesia was known as one of the birthplace of many skilled workman, widely recognized as 'artisans' today. These skilled laborer were famous in crafting products with exceptional attention to detail, which further elaborates Indonesia as one of the countries with cultural wealth.

Acknowledging this point, Voyej and Antea Tigra - 2 brands sharing integral core values, joined hands to present a product line called Agora.

With the shared perspective, both brands attempt to interpret process as a whole lifelong journey. The product line served as their testament of quality, in which the design and functionality are merged to bring holistic product experience, something that can be enjoyed and grow together with the user. 


No half measures were taken in the process of creating the products. Only best available materials are used, crafted to give something timeless - a design that can be enjoyed thoroughly as the product matured. Entrusting them with only the capable hands, the products will withstand the trials of time.


Made to age gracefully, every scratch tells a story. 

Agora by Superlative of Voyej and Antea Tigra



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